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Our story


the process

The process begins the night before an event or in the early morning hours, depending on the products being prepared. It begins with a speciality wood fire of cherry wood and a little mesquite.

Fire and smoke eventually smoke meat the way it was meant to be.


The true essence of BBQ is to cook it low and slow by tending the fire and keeping that perfect temperature to ensure the most tender of meats.
All our meats are infused and rubbed with our Dog Days’ rub, a little sweet, a little smoky and a little

Good BBQ takes time to prepare and cook. To ensure all our customers get great food, and a great
experience, we cook fresh every time so when we run out – that’s it! This ensures you that you are
getting the best and freshest product every time. Pre-orders are encouraged.
We want to celebrate great foods. It takes time and technique to create great barbecue. There are no
strangers at Dog Days Barbeque.


Our customers become friends who eventually become family.
They say if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. This is one of those situations.

About us “Dog Days” When the hot sultry weather of summer occurs in the Northern hemisphere ​ Our goal is to bring family and friends together over great food. Welcome to Dog Days Barbeque – Chatham’s true Southern BBQ with a Canadian twist. Dog Days Barbeque was brought to life from a love and passion for all things BBQ, grilled and smoked. There is nothing better than sitting by the lake or in the shade on your own patio, the sounds of classic rock in the background, watching family and friends gather and experiencing the mouth-watering smell of BBQ being prepared. ​ From the early morning fire to the long day of smoke to the moment the meat kisses the grill - how it brings family and friends together and our goal is just that: to help bring families and friends from Chatham Kent and beyond together to enjoy great food. Food is memories.

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